Chapter Discount

😀 Sykes Harley-Davidson offers a purchase discount to 1066 Chapter Members on production of their valid 1066 Membership card. This concession is not transferable to any other person.

😀 The discount is 10% and applies to purchases at Shaw’s of motorclothes, accessories, parts and consumables. This includes parts ordered specially for you, and parts and consumables used during servicing or repair of your bike (excluding crash damage). It does NOT apply to workshop labour rates, and it does NOT apply to ‘Sale’ or already-discounted items.

😀 The discount is for the benefit of CURRENT members of 1066 Chapter, and entitlement to the discount ceases on 1st April each year unless membership is renewed. Past members of the chapter have no entitlement to the discount.The discount can only be extended to the chapter member making the purchase, and you MUST produce your valid membership card at the time of ordering and/or payment.

👿 Do not lend your membership card to ANY other person, 1066 Chapter member or otherwise, for the purpose of obtaining this discount; the dealership cannot honour it and may retain the card. The dealership holds a full and complete list of current chapter members.

😀 It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to work out that you can soon recoup the cost of 1066 Chapter membership by buying at Shaw’s and getting your 10% discount, so remember to carry your membership card and use it when you visit Shaw’s. However, please remember: the privilege discount is a reward for Chapter members only. Abuse it and we lose it.

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