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Hi! I’m Tracey Pascoe known as TP…

…and I am the 1066 Chapter Head Photographer.  I also look after the 1066 Chapter Photo Galleries. That doesn’t mean that the only photos that can appear here have to be mine. If you have some good photos taken at one of our events, rides or trips, please share your photos with the rest of 1066 using one of the methods below. Please submit your images just as they come off your camera, don’t resize them. Please weed out blurred, distorted or blemished images and concentrate on submitting the most interesting ones. Oh yes, and keep them decent please!

Our photo galleries are stored externally on SmugMug and you can view them by clicking on this link:-

Dont’ forget to access the galleries you will also need to enter this password:


If you visit the galleries fairly regularly from the same computer, your browser will remember this password and this step will be skipped (not advisable from a public computer – you can disable this feature by clicking on the box ‘Do not remember from this computer’). However, the password will be changed from time to time. Please do not give the password to anyone who is not a 1066 Chapter member.

Note: Although access to the galleries is limited, they are not completely secure and they may be open to semi-public view. If you do not wish to have your photo in any 1066 Photo Gallery please try to ensure that you are not identifiable in any photos. 1066 Chapter cannot accept any responsibility for any consequences arising from your image appearing in a gallery, howsoever caused.

Share your photos of 1066 Chapter rides, trips or events.

If you have looked at the galleries you will see we have an amazing photo archive of the rides and events over the years. That has only happened because you the members keep contributing your fantastic photos.  Our target is to have a gallery for every one of the rides/ events that we put on each year; this is where you come in, if you don’t share your fabulous photos with us the galleries won’t happen.

  • Already shared them with your friends on social media?
    • That’s fine but not all members are on social media so 1066 still needs them for the galleries and archive.
  • Seen one of the official 1066 photographers there and don’t think we need your photos?
    • We may be official but it doesn’t mean we get all the action! The official photographers can’t be everywhere (as much as they would like to be) so our galleries and archive are dependent upon you the sharing your photos too.

How do you get them added to the galleries and archive?

  • choose the images you want to share with us (as few or many as you want)
  • do not adjust/ or rename them (we will do any adjustments needed)
  • put them on a memory stick (we do have some memory sticks we can lend you)
  • clearly mark the name and date of the ride (we don’t want to put them in the wrong gallery)
  • don’t forget it’s very important to add your name as we want people in the future to know who submitted the images they are admiring
  • pop the memory stick into an envelope clearly marked ‘FAO Head Photographer 1066 Chapter’ and do one of the following
    • leave the memory stick at Shaw HD (then email to let us at know they are waiting)
    • give memory stick to one of the road crew to pass along (then email to let us know who you gave it to (they don’t always remember to pass them on)
    • look for the Head Photographer (TP) at the Six Bells (main meeting on 2nd Thursday of the month) or the Star Inn (West meeting on the 4th Thursday of the month)

1066 is your chapter; you the members are the people who make it the best chapter in the land.

Any questions you can contact the Head photographer at

A few tips:

  • make sure the date/ time is set correctly on your camera (on a smart phone this should be correct) as this is the criteria we use to sort the images in the galleries and gives a good timeline of the event/ ride
  • check that there are no children in the frame, we cannot publish photo’s of children without written consent from their parent/ guardian. The exception is a public event as long as there are signs posted informing the public the photos will be taken and used for publicity.
  • be thoughtful about who you take photos of, not everyone is happy to their photo taken (or published on social media)
  • try not to take photographs of people eating (unless they are your friends and are happy for you to)
  • don’t post photos of people on social media without that persons permission while most people are happy to have their photos on the chapter galleries because they are closed to members only, your social media pages are not just for chapter members
  • don’t ‘borrow’ someone’s images from social media without their permission, this is rude and you won’t get a good image, ask the person who took if they will let you have the high resolution image as this will print better for you


Head Photographer 1066 Chapter

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